The Contemporary Dance Creation Based On Theme From A Thai Literature

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This is a creative research aiming to study and analyse theme from a Thai folk tale “Kong Kaow Noi Ka Mae”, and to create a new contemporary dance based on that theme. The researcher studies the tale, and then develop a contemporary dance titled “Once upon a time”.

The research finds that the tale of Kong Kaow Noi Ka Mae communicates the theme about a result of acting without conscience. To present this theme in a contemporary dance, the researcher conducts three main processes. Firstly, in the pre-production process, the plot of the tale was adapted and re-arranged for contemporary audiences. The key message from the tale was maintained. The researcher employed Try-Out approach to find suitable performers for the show. The choreography began with the dancers improvise movements according to the direction given by the researcher. The movements then were selected and elaborated by Laban technique. The music and costume were designed mainly to support the dance movements. Secondly, in the production process, the dance was staged at The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Theatre, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University on 30th November 2017. Finally, in the post-production process, the focus-group interview was conducted to collect feedback from five dance experts. The research finding can be used as a guideline for those who are interested in adapting folk tale to contemporary dance for modern audiences.


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