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The aim of this thesis is to create a dance piece titled “ASEAN integration”, using bamboos as the main dance-prop to reflect the unity of 10 ASEAN countries. The research was conducted by reviewing documents, interviewing, and observing video recording of the folk and traditional ASEAN dances.                      The researcher follows the concept of “ASEAN integration” in designing the important compositions of this show. There are ten dancers: four males and six females. The breast clothes and girdles are made of fabric from each ASEAN countries intertwining together. The music, composed by Suparerk Putsaro, is played with musical instruments from the ten countries. The dance movements are divided into three groups; 1) the movements which are adapted from folk and traditional dance of the ASEAN countries. ASEAN dance-movement are categorised into five styles: Thai style consisting of Thai, Cambodia and Lao dance; Burmese style; Malaysian style consisting of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei dance; Indian style from Singapore; Spanish and Chinese dance of Philippines and Vietnam. 2) The movements which are derived from nature and human action, for example, bamboos in the wind, running water, bamboo group, walking and dancing happily and some new choreography with bamboos. 3) The movement using bamboos to illustrate lifestyle of ASEAN people, such as, building bamboo house, raft, gate and swing. The show is divided into three parts; starting with ASEAN dancers entering from bamboo curtain, following by the dance, integrating all ten ASEAN dance, and, finishing it by playing with bamboo symbolising the unity of ASEAN countries.


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