Function and Process of Music in “The Wisdom King” the Thai Contemporary

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This article is a part of the Doctoral Dissertation Musical Theatre Doctoral Music Theatre: ‘The Wisdom King’ the Innovative Thai Contemporary Musical which is the creative research in music and theatre. The research aims to compose music for the contemporary Thai musical theatre known as ‘The Wisdom King’ the Musical, using the qualitative research method as the approach.

            The ‘Wisdom King’ the Musical is an Innovative Thai Contemporary Musical, which was presented in the Western Musical form played by an Orchestra and a traditional Thai Ensemble. The musical paid tribute to His Majesty King Vajiravudh, King Rama VI, known as the “Wisdom King” or “Theera Racha”. The plot reveals his philosophy of being a good leader through the conflict of three characters in the musical.   

            The research is summarized as follows: “The Wisdom King, the Musical” consists of 40 musical pieces of which the setting types of the songs are one of the principles of composing music in Thai contemporary musical.  


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