Advertising Design Dietary Supplement Extract from the Chong cao of Codypro Thai Cordyceps Co.,Ltd. Sa Kaeo.

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Marut Pichetvit


This research is a research on the design of advertising media for Chong cao of Dietary Supplement Extract from the Codypro Thai Cordyceps Co.,Ltd. Sa Kaeo. The objective was to redesign the advertising media image the brand identity by creating a unique design and improvement can increase sales and market share. The scope of the design included 3 prototype with print , online and Video clip.The main reason of was to attract target groups and convey a clear message to customers.

The population in the study were entrepreneurs dealer, retailers, and customers at Sa Kaeo Province. The selection of the sample group was purposive. In total, there were 100 participants in this research. The research tool was a questionnaires asking for participants’ satisfaction on the design of the advertising media. The evaluation divided into 4 parts as follows: 1) Creativity 2) Usability 3) Production 4) Aesthetics. The statistics for the analysis were mean percentage and standard deviation.

From the results the satisfaction rates of the design in the 3 prototype were high. All three advertising media design was the highest, which indicates that the prototypes can develop into full production in the next stage.and could be develop in to real production in the future.


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