The Project on the Packaging Design Development for Fermented Fish Sauce, Plara Paruay Brand, from Srakaew Province.

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Panuwad Kalip
Chantana Insra
Chanoknart Mayusoh


This research aimed to develop a packaging design for pickled fish “Plara Pa Rua” in Sa Kaeo Province. The objective was to redesign the package, improving the brand identity by creating a unique design. The main reason of the recreation was to attract target groups and convey a clear message to customers. This improvement can increase sales and market share. The scope of the design included 3 prototypes.

Problems encountered: The original packaging was not able to communicate clearly in terms of the logo with blurry illustrations, unclear quality. The layout elements of a product label are not memorable. it can cause confusion among consumers. Including the information on the product label is not complete. Therefore, the researcher analyzed the data in order to develop guidelines for solving the problems found. Under the concept of "Pla Ra Pha Ruay" to be more modern and clear.

The population in the study were entrepreneurs, retailers, salesmen ,customers and design specialist. The selection of the sample group was purposive. In total, there were 115 participants in this research. The research tool was a questionnaires asking for participants’ satisfaction on the design of the packages. The statistics for the analysis were mean percentage and standard deviation.

In conclusion, the satisfaction rates of the prototypes in were high. The second prototype was the highest, which indicates that the prototypes can develop into full production in the next stage


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