Classicfication of Thai Type by Personality of Type

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Kreetha Thumcharoensathit
Marut Pichetvit
Assoc. Prof. Araya Srikanlayanabutra


The purpose of this research was to 1) to classify Thai type in relation to various personality of types. 2) To study the selection of Thai typeface according to personality of type by studying and analyzing Thai type from 562 typefaces.

            The research instrument are as follow:

  1. The questionnaire was collected from 7 type design experts, consisting of 3 lecturers in Thai educational institutions and 4 professional type designers.

  2. Focus group discussion were collected from 7 Thai typographic users, consisting of 3 marketers or publicists and 4 graphic designers.

            Research result

  1. Thai type can be classified according to personality patterns of 15 archetypes, namely Helper in 16 styles. Hero and Enchantress in 15 styles. Magician, Mother and Lover in 14 styles. Sage and Warrior in 13 styles. King and Rebel in 12 styles. Loner in 11 styles. Trickster and Innocent in 10 styles. Seeker and Companion in 9 styles.

  2. The selection of Thai typeface according to personality of type are as follow: The highest level of selection of 2 archetypes is Seeker and Helper. The high level of selection of 5 archetypes is Mother, Rebel, Enchantress, Loner, and Trickster. The moderate level of 4 archetypes is Magician, Lover, Companion, and Sages. The low level of 2 archetypes is Warrior and Hero. The smallest level of 2 archetypes, which are Innocent and King.


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