Study and Development Dryer of Model components

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นฤชัย พุ่มฉายา
สุธาสินีน์ บุรีคำพันธุ์


The study aimed to 1) survey the drying method for model parts, and 2) design and develop dryer for model parts. The samples of the study selected three informants related to Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model) and three design experts via purposive sampling based on their experience in related field for more than six years. Semi-structured questionnaire and product evaluation form were used as the study instrument. The result showed that the most important step of working with Gunpla was model painting. The suitable factors for painting were 50-70 degree Celsius and 40-70% RH (Relative Humidity) that were set as the dryer temperature for the products in the study because a maximum temperature resistance of plastic and model parts is 80 degree Celsius. The evaluation of design experts indicated a high score for six characteristics of the product from the second dryer ( gif.latex?\bar{x} = 4.47, SD = 0.43). Functions and logistics had the highest score ( gif.latex?\bar{x}  = 4.67, SD = 0.58). The evaluation results and suggestions were used for further model correction and creation.


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