Beauty of Si Thep Ancient City and Historical Park, Phetchabun Province to the Creation of Paintings of Sceneries.

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This research work is the creation of painting works that Shia the beautiful sceneries of Si Thep Historical Park, Phetchabun Province. Si Thep Historical Park is a significant center of civilization of Thailand because there are still traces of the settlement of mankind civilizations that have been continuously existing since the prehistorical time, until Dvaravati Era and Khmer Era, respectively, with the total amount of time of prosperity being more than 800 years. Sigh the awareness of the beauty of this historical tourist attraction, I, the author of this research project, present such beauty by using the photographs and data of archaic sites in the area of Si Thep Historical Park, with adjusted perspectives in order to create new looks and to reflect new angles of architecture that are different from mediocre ones, for creating art works in the unique style of my own. In conclusion, there are 4 painting works that are created with acrylic paint on canvas, namely, Si Thep Pagoda, Rue Si Pargoda, Song Phi Nong Pagoda, and Khlang Nok Mountain and Khao Khlang Nai Mountain. The works are paintings of architectural works with eliminated details and forms in order to create new perspectives of such places that are different from the sceneries that visitors have seen. Thus, the works here are created visual arts that reflect t the values of Art through architecture and landscape of Si Thep Historical Park, Phetchabun Province.


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