Thesis Title چابران ترهادف فڠوروسن كوتيفن زكاة دان أڬيهنڽ دمجليس ائام اسلام چابران ترهادف فڠوروسن كوتيفن زكاة دان أڬيهنڽ دمجليس ائام اسلام

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             Charity (Zakat) is one of Islamic pillars that all Muslims are obligated to practice which has the definitive evidence in its legislation. It is, moreover, the economic development stimulator. So the good management in charity is counted important for the growth of the economy and people being, especially in three southern border provinces of Thailand. This research was aimed to study charity collecting and distributing obstacles, focusing on the challenges faced by the charity officials of Islamic Councils at three southern provinces of Thailand, as well as suggesting some solving ways. The study used two main sources; those were documentary data and field data. The sample of population of the study were 69 people, consisting of three southern province’s Islamic Council officials, Charity officials appointed by the Islamic councils, charity givers, charity receivers and general people. The collected data was then analyzed by inductive, deductive and comparative methods.

            The results of the study showed that there were 4 major challenges for charity collecting and distributing management of Islamic Council at Three Southern provinces of Thailand; 1.Challenges of charity management, 2.Challenges of charity collecting, 3.Challenges of distributing. 4. Challenges of cooperation from people involved


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