• Arada Kongwat Chulalongkorn University
  • Pornpimol Sukavatee Chulalongkorn University


This study is a quasi-experimental research. The purposes of the study were to 1) investigate the effects of collaborative reading instruction using infographics on students’ comprehension, and 2) to evaluate the quality of infographics created by students after reading the passages. The 18 participants of this research, grade 11 students who were enrolled in fundamental English at one public school in Bangkok in the academic year of 2018, were from an intact group of volunteers.  The research instruments consisted of 1) reading comprehension test (pre-test and post-test), 2) three lesson plans, and 3) infographics scoring rubrics. The data were analyzed using paired sample t-test, means, standard deviation and inter-rater reliability analysis.

The results showed that 1) students’ post-test scores after receiving collaborative reading instruction using infographics were higher than the pre-test scores at the significant level of .05, and 2) the overall quality of students’ infographics was evaluated at a “good” level. It can be concluded that students’ comprehension was improved by the experiment and the information presented through the infographics creation was effective.


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