Characteristics of Effective Football Coaches of a National Sports University in Northern Thailand

  • Chaichana Nimsuwan Srinakharinwirot University
  • Phanu Kusolwong Health and Physical Education, Department of Health and Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education, Srinakharinwirot University
Keywords: characteristics, football coaches, national sports university in northern region of Thailand


This research was a qualitative study of the characteristics of effective football coaches at a National Sports University in the Northern region of Thailand. The data was collated from football players and coaches from four National Sports Universities, including Chiang Mai National Sports University, Lampang National Sports University, Sukhothai National Sports University, and Phetchabun National Sports University, The data were collected from six samples from each university, separated by position, forward, midfielder, quarterback, goalkeeper, team captain aged 20-23 years and coach. The latter must be a current coach and have at least 1 year of training and competition experience.  This made a total of twenty four people chosen by purposive sampling selection. In-depth interviews were used to interview athletes by using semi-structured questionnaires, with fifteen items for athletes, three items for coaches, and inductive analysis were used to analyze the data.

The results showed that the characteristics of effective football coaches in national sports universities in the northern region consist of three areas which include (1) self-management of football capacity and knowledge of teaching skills and other knowledge; (2) good communication skills and behavioral skills to help manage others; and (3) career management and knowledge of time management and able to cooperate in terms of work.


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