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This research is Bachelor's degree thesis, aims to create the Matchaleela Dance which was inspired from the Ramayana: Rama Chong Tanon Khon script and by using qualitative method which were survey, interview and observation. The research found that when Rama ordered the monkey troop to build the road to Lanka by filling the rocks into the oceans, Ravana ordered Shurpanakha’s daughters took those rocks out as well. A school of fish, Shurpanakha’s daughters, plays a very important role in this part of Ramayana but there is not any dances creation to represent these characters. From the synthesis, the researcher had created the Majchaleela Dance which is consisted of 3 parts as follow; 1) the swimming 2) the movement of the fishes 3) The fish dance using the fast rhythm at the beginning and end with the slow rhythm. The elements of Majchaleela Dance are 1) 6 performers 2) using Lo music which play the different rhythms following each part of the dance 3) The costumes was Thai dance style which show the fish identity and the researcher also designed new head piece with a fin as the sideburns. The assessment of quality from the Thesis Examination Committee, 2 times, the judges made only two observations: 1) the dance posture was to increase the installation of the show booth in the second part, while in the third period, the design of interesting gestures in the episode Finished and 2) the costume to modify the pattern of the sabai to cover the joint of the tail. For the highlight of creativity is The design and creation of the visor that emphasizes the pattern of the sideburns draws the uniqueness of the fish to make the show stand out.

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SUKSAMRAN, S., & PHOLBOON , J. (2021). THE CREATION OF MATCHALEELA DANCE. Journal of Suan Sunandha Arts and Culture, 1(1), 23–38. Retrieved from


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