Change Management towards Organization Development in Thailand 4.0


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Change Management, Organization Development, Thailand 4.0


In the era of globalization, Environment has been rapidly changed and too severely fluctuated to imagine from the regression of worldwide economic which impact to Thai government and private sectors. As the results of happening in the past we learned that many business sectors need to improve and accelerate for preparing themselves to new situation in the future. The business organization which could not fx problem it has to close their business. Those business organizations who can still stand on, they have to develop and reshape their strategies to survive their business. Anyhow the development is not easy, it might have some resistance in organization. Therefore the business organization need to determine the vision that be mutually set by all concerned parties in organization and customers, the vision must be based on current situation complied with The National Economic and Social Development Plan No.12 (BE 2560-2564) focus on human being which will be the core
of development, and involve all activities of plan, manage, and carry on until getting the result of from their activities. However the development must be careful if all directions only focus “Effciency”, because “Effciency” will make human being is in lower status. It will demote status of “human being” as the “things”. We cannot forget and need to realize that human being is not “Economic animals”. The meaning of human is more valuable than economic. Scope of Human will cover to personal values, knowledges, morals, soul and physicals.Therefore the development of organization must recognize the importance of human mind. The interesting point is concerned to” change management ” and development in the era of 4.0, The fve issues will be as follows : Creating the sense of organization ownership, Human resources development, Building the values conforming to the corporate's vision, Responsibility center, and Agility focused.




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