Ho Ren So: The Business Culture toward the Excellent Organization


  • ศิริวุฒิ รุ่งเรือง คณะบริหารธุรกิจ มหาวิทยาลัยหัวเฉียวเฉลิมพระเกียรติ


Culture, Business Culture, Ho Ren So, Teamwork


Different cultures lead to different behavior and business culture by transmitting from one to next generation within a group. People who live in different circumstances have really individual believe, value, attitude, and practice that normally form up their own standard practices which are
related to their background culture. Consequently, this article will emphasize on the Japanese work  style that is a best practice to represent the high regularity and the high concentrating work, continuous improvement, and Ho Ren So practice that is effciency in the basis of business communication and actually know the real problem and collaborate between superiors, colleagues and subordinates to consult over their project. It emboldens the reliability and team work effciency. Lastly, the Ho Ren So can be implemented both small and medium enterprises and multinational enterprises to develop effcient team work skill for competitive advantage in global competition level.




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