Culture: A Key Success Factor For International Business Negotiation


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Economic integration has continuously been developed in every region. It begins with the development of free trade area into larger forms of the integration and becomes as economic union. There are several notable economic clusters in the world; for instance, European Union which is the significant regional trading bloc in Europe, Another important of regional economic integration is NAFTA - a prominent one in North America, and
ASEAN which is known as a new born of economic integration in Southeast Asia. This circumstance leads to the significant role of International business negotiation context. Hence, the business negotiation is a vital tool for creating good relationship and expanding business internationally. Unfortunate the each of countries have a cultural symbol. Therefore, global managers should be aware of cultural differentiation when they are playing negotiator role. Business negotiation is the business communication embedded with divergent cultures, languages, beliefs, and concepts. The verbal and nonverbal communication and cultural negotiation concept in one society could be interpreted dissimilarly in another and finally create misunderstanding and conflict with partner. Consequently, The global manager should be understanding of cultural differentiation for making relationship business partner and get successfully in the role of international business negotiation.




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