Action Research in Information System Research


  • ลั่นทม จอนจวบทรง Business Computer Department, Faculty of Business Administration
  • ณธภร ธรรมบุญวริศ


Action research, Action science, Canonical Action Research, Information system research, Action research framework


Action research (AR) is focused on action with collaboration between researchers
and practitioners. However, AR has to be operated based on theories and theoretical
framework. AR has been critiqued which lack of rigor in research methodology. For
information system research with AR has been difficult to identify whether AR or
consulting work. As a result, AR researchers should pay much attention on AR type and
framework selection. This article will introduce AR types, such as action Science (AS) for
information system research in order to increase the rigor of action research and clarify as
the research instead of consulting work.

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ลั่นทม จอนจวบทรง, Business Computer Department, Faculty of Business Administration

Business Computer Department, Faculty of Business Administration
18/18 Bangna-Trad Highway (KM. 18), Bang Chalong, Bang Phli District,
Samut Prakan Province 10540


ลั่นทม จอนจวบทรง ณธภร ธรรมบุญวริศ และกิตติ เลิศกมลรักษ์. (2560). การสร้างทุนมนุษย์ความรู้
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