A Suggested Framework of Digital Maturity Dimension for Sport Media in Thailand : Review and Comparative Analysis


  • Malee Kittikumpanat Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thailand National Sports University Chon Buri Campus
  • Dittachai Chankuna Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thailand National Sports University Chon Buri Campus
  • Nilmanee Sriboon Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thailand National Sports University Chon Buri Campus


digital maturity model, digital transformation, sport media, sport business


An extensive of the digital disruption and the pandemic effect have challenged the engagement channel of traditional sport media in Thailand. The rise of digital maturity model has received considerable research attention in science and management which defining diverse dimensions to explain digital transformation. A design to suit and characterize the phenomenon of Thai sport media remains in new territory and the notion of digital maturity for sport media in Thailand is a novel idea in academics. This paper aims to develop a conceptual framework of digital maturity for sport media in Thailand from the identified dimensions. By conducting a comprehensive literature review and comparative analysis, there are 14 out of 25 articles selected based on its relevance and application. Research finding indicates that there are eight attributes which are popularized and mostly applicable in the maturity models: culture, technology, organization, customer, strategy, operation, innovation, data analysis. With the engagement channel, this research finally proposes a conceptual framework of digital maturity dimension for Sport Media in Thailand. Such dimensions should be viewed as an important basis for research initiative in forming the digital maturity for Thai sport media and future research shall be directed to verify in the market practices.


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