Influencing Factors on the Success of New Product Development in Supply Chain of Home Appliances Industry


  • Sittichok Sinrat
  • Nantawan Boonraksa
  • Rapee Udomsub


New Product Development, Electrical Equipment Industry, Supply Chain Management, Success Factor, Influence on New Product Development


This research study is to study the success factors influencing the development of new products in the electrical appliance industry supply chain and to propose guidelines for the development of new products in the electrical appliance supply chain. Quantitative research was conducted by collecting questionnaires from a sample of 325 persons. Data analysis uses statistical programs to analyze statistics related to percentage, mean, standard deviation and the evaluation of success factors that influence product development. The findings showed that in a four-component factor analysis, 19 variables were grouped by combining the correlated variables into a single group and the variables were rotated using the Varimax method. In conclusion, the four factors are the development of innovation, technological commerce, product improvement and development of research and development personnel influence the success of new product development of the enterprise. With the Varimax method, a new product development approach in the electrical appliance supply chain is a key achievement, cross team received, support from senior management and there is an organizational structure that can help support the linking of key success factors to product development components of efficiency, speed and cost.


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