Political Economy of Sign Capitalism: A Postmodern Critique of Jean Baudrillard


  • Sitang Jaroenwong A Guest Lecturer of Department of Religion and Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Burapha University


Political Economy, Sign Capitalism, Jean Baudrillard, Postmodern


Political Economy of Sign Capitalism: A Critique to Post-modernism of Jean Baudrillard aims to present analytical framework of capitalism in modern era based on thinking of post-modernism. One of crucial thinkers who has analyzed Post-modern Capitalism is Jean Baudrillard who analyzed Marxist Mode of Production and propose new analysis principles based on patterns of consumption.

            Jean Baudrillard claims that this era is the end of political economy and the end of the Marxist problematic. We live in the era of postmodern world organized around “simulation” by which he means the cultural modes of representation that “simulate” reality as in television, computer cyberspace, and virtual reality. So in postmodern world people live in the “hyperreality” of simulations in which images, spectacles, and the play of signs replace the concepts of production and class conflict as key constituents.

            The article consists of an introduction which will clarify the importance of post-modern thoughts, concept, and the importance of Jean Baudrillard, the second part is about consumption of sign in modern capitalism society according to Jean Baudrillard’s point of view, the third part is the comparison analysis of capitalism society of Karl Marx and Jean Baudrillard and the last part is about the domination process of sign in modern capitalism society.


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