Globalization, Localism and Nostalgia


  • Rungnapa Yanyongkasemsuk A Lecturer of Department of Political Science, Faculty of Political Science and Law, Burapha University


Globalization, Development, Localism, Nostalgia


In a globalizing world, systems and processes are interlinking and any changes also affect to the whole system. It seems that globalization intensifies diversity via technology and media but the fact that it intensifies conflicts and capitalism. In addition, it causes people feel lonely and nostalgic joyous moment.  Localism as a resistance to globalization, development, modernization, industrialization, westernization, and progress, which became the master narrative dominated development strategies for third world countries including Thailand for sixties years, shows the asymmetry of production and distribution of resources and power of community. Nevertheless, the richness of community with the growth of localism is threaten by capitalism, marketing and media by the ignorance of people, community and public organization.


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