The Demagogues of Athenian Democracy and Lessons for Thailand’s Democracy


  • PHERMSAK CHARIAMPHAN มหาวิทยาลัยรามคำแหง


Athenian Democracy, Democracy inThailand, Thai Politics


This article aims to study the origin and decay of Athenian Democracy and inquiring into Athenian Democracy problem and complication of Thailand’s democracy.

The results show that Athenian democracy occurred within polytheism context as well as its unique geography. Under political struggle of various groups, Athenian democracy originated as a political invention that created for power and/or legitimacy for some people only. In terms of the demise of Athenian regime, the invasion of the neighbouring state served as one of the external factors accompany with significant internal factors. Therefore, we propose that the weakness of the city was due to unbridled power of the people who are often persuaded by demagogues. As such, it leads to a comparison with Thai democracy in 2000s by the fact that Thai democracy is similar to Athens democracy which people are often easily persuaded by demagogues.


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