CGoat Rasing and Internal Parasites Infection of Goat in Pattani Province

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Thaintip Kraiprom*
Sitthisak Jantarat
Warinthorn Maneerat
Pattama Graisutrang


The research aimed to study a situation of raising goat and infection parasite of goat in Pattani province. The samples were 30 goat farmers from 12 districts of Pattani province, using a purposive sampling technique. The data were collected by using an interview form and analyzed by frequency and percentage. For internal parasite infection of goat, fecal sample was collected from 30 heads of goat to determine the parasitic egg, and data were analyzed using computer statistical package. The results of this study revealed that all goat farmers were male with the age ranged from 51 to 60 years old (37.50%). The income from the sale of goat was 100,001-150,000 Baht/head/year (62.50%). The farmer raised crossbreed goat, 41-50 heads/farm (37.50%), and raised through access to pasture and stall feeding (87.50%). Most goat farmers (75.00%) fed their goat with roughage and concentrate. Moreover, goat farmers get rid of the parasite using Ivermectin and Albendazole (87.50%). The frequency to eliminate parasite 4 times per years (87.50%). In addition, fecal sample was collected to determine the parasitic egg. The result showed that the number of internal parasite egg counts per gram of feces (EPG) was 501-1,000 (50.00%). The hematocrit parameter of this research was from 26-30%, which is lower than the normal range.

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Kraiprom*, T., Jantarat, S. ., Maneerat, W. ., & Graisutrang, P. (2022). CGoat Rasing and Internal Parasites Infection of Goat in Pattani Province. STOU Journal of Agriculture (Online), 4(1), 33–40. Retrieved from
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