Philosophy of Agricultural Extension in the New Normal Era

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Pech Taveevong
Ponsaran Saranrom
Janenarong Tiensawang
Junya Singkham1


This article focused on finding philosophical answers of agricultural extension in the New Normal with 3 levels. 1) the research for metaphysics answer learned to the truth of agricultural extension. 2) the research for epistemology answer comprehended the fully guideline of agricultural extension in the New Normal, and 3) the finding answers with axiology created to a summary and provided an overview of the guideline of agricultural extension in the New Normal.

Key finding from looking for the fact of agricultural extension found that 1) Indeed, agricultural extension transformed the farmer into good quality of life by a positive knowledge and attitude creation, good leadership creation and creating confidence to enable farmer for change their farming habit and livelihood for the better and the reality of agricultural extension appeared that lead to a detection.
2) The approach for agricultural extension in the New Normal had to focus on the livelihood adaptation of the farmers to be able to cope with the changing of economic, society, environment and information technology which led to the lesson creation for consideration of sustainable agriculture. 3) Agricultural extension in the New Normal that had to transform the farmers to achieve their expectation and economic accomplishment such as poverty reducing, economic growth and food security creation. Social aspects comprised with the reduction of inequality and value agricultural careers creation, especially in the new generations. Environmental aspects included in global collaborative partnership and a conservative attitude indoctrination to increase the efficiency of agriculture for the new generation farmers in the future with 4) information technology in agriculture for security and sustainability.

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