Check lists for authors before submission

Guidelines authors should adhere to before submitting their manuscript to APST:

       1. Ensure titles do not include articles like "THE," "A," or "AN."

       2. Titles must not contain acronyms.

       3. Avoid using keywords that are already in the title.

       4. Limit the introduction to a maximum of 3 pages.

       5. Provide page numbers and continuous line numbering starting from page 1.

       6. The maximum page limit is 15 for research articles (30 for review articles).

       7. Limit figures and tables to 6 each.

       8. Abstracts should not exceed 150 words, and conclusions should not exceed
          100 words.

       9. Exclude non-English references and pre-prints from the reference list.

       10. Limit website references to 2.

       11. Avoid acronyms in the first instance.

       12. Ensure all data is statistically analyzed and compared, with error bars provided
           for all figures and standard deviations in tables.

       13. Avoid acronyms in headings and subheadings.

       14. Limit self-citations to 3.

       15. Do not use acronyms in the abstract when they first appear.

       16. Please strictly follow the instructions to authors.