Modelling of osmotic dehydration of kedondong fruit (Spondias dulcis) immersed in natural pineapple juice

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Mohamad Daniel Yaacob
Kian Yi Leong
Muhammad Raziq Jahubar Sathik
Ngai Fong Tan
Cheak Theng Ee
Sze Pheng Ong
Ching Lik Hii


Kedondong (Spondias dulcis) is a type of underutilized fruits in Malaysia which are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, carotenoids and vitamin A. Osmotic dehydration is a type of preservation technique by transforming fruit in dehydrated form to avoid further deterioration. In this research, kedondong were dehydrated by immersing the fruit pieces in natural pineapple juice at 25 ̊C, 50 ̊C and 70 ̊C. Results showed that moisture loss and solute gain within the samples increased with temperatures due to increasing permeability of fruit membranes and reducing viscosity of the osmotic agent. Results from mathematical modelling showed that Page and Two-term models predicted well the dehydration kinetics within the temperature range 25 ̊C – 70 ̊C. Effective moisture diffusivities were estimated in the order of magnitude 1.58  10-10-1.84  10-10 m2/s within temperature range of 25 ̊C-70 ̊C.


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