Numerical study of vortex shedding suppression using confined cylinder

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Milad Heidari
Zahrapanah Razaviyan
Fatemeh A. Talebbeigi
Pooyan Rahmanivahid


The application of cylindrical objects, such as pipelines and risers, in the marine industry is irresistible. Vortex shedding in wake flow downstream blunt bodies may cause vibrations, which result in structural failures in case of closeness or matching natural frequencies. This study aims to explore the effects of geometrical arrangements on the suppression of vortex shedding phenomena. Cylinders of different diameters and pitch distances are used to change the flow dynamics. The flow is considered to be incompressible and steady. A numerical study of flow passing a single cylinder with various diameters and two unequal cylinders with varying pitch distances is conducted. Results show a complete vortex suppression at δ/D=4. These results are expected to be useful for the verification of computational models of unsteady Newtonian flows.

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Heidari, M., Razaviyan, Z. ., Talebbeigi, F. A., & Rahmanivahid, P. . (2021). Numerical study of vortex shedding suppression using confined cylinder. Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 26(01), APST–26.
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