Lighting conditions and elderly satisfaction in long-term care center

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Sakda Seesophon
Orawan Buranruk
Yingsawad Chaiyakul


The elderly are vulnerable groups due to their physiological and psychological change. The deterioration of eye and vision lead to visual impairment and importance cause of fall in elderly. Good vision in living environment is essential to promote healthy and this requires sufficient lighting levels. This research aims to investigate the level of lighting in long-term care center and to study influences of lighting factor affecting satisfaction on visibility of the elderly. Lighting levels were measured by an illuminance meter and the questionnaire of seven levels of word classification were evaluated the satisfied of lighting factors on visibility from 42 elderly. The result of study shown that illuminance levels of all areas in long-term care center were lower than guideline/suggestion of illuminance design for elderly and lower than the Thai regulation of lighting standard. However, the elderly was satisfied in this poor lighting levels. Thus, knowledge of providing adequate indoor illuminance to ensure healthy and safety and awareness of the effect of insufficient lighting in the living environment is required.


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Seesophon, S., Buranruk, O., & Chaiyakul, Y. (2021). Lighting conditions and elderly satisfaction in long-term care center. Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 27(01), APST–27.
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