The performance and feasibility analysis of solar-powered screw pumps for the agricultural sector in Thailand

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Suwimon Saneewong Na Ayuttaya


A solar water pumping system is an ideal alternative to electric water pumping system and it is useful for the agricultural sector in Thailand. In this study, the angle of the screw pump (q), the solar cell panel, the motor speed (n) and the number of screws is varied. In the first part of the screw pump result, the volume flow rate and the mass flow rate ( ) are increased as the n and the number of screws increases. In the case of the low angle of the screw pump, the volume flow rate and the are higher than in the case of the high angle of the screw pump. In the second part of the solar energy result, the solar cell panel is installed in the south-facing direction of Nakhon Nayok province in Thailand. The temperature of the solar panel surface follows a similar trend to the light intensity. The angle of the solar cell panel (α) is 15o and 13:00 is the time that provides the maximum light intensity and temperature of the solar cell surface. In the last part of the performance analysis, the power and the efficiency of the motor are increased as, the n and the number of screws increase. In addition, the solar-powered screw pump is more feasible than the screw pump into electrical energy when used over long time periods.


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Saneewong Na Ayuttaya, S. (2022). The performance and feasibility analysis of solar-powered screw pumps for the agricultural sector in Thailand. Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 27(05), APST–27.
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