Recent developments in the applications of two-wheeled robots: a review

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Abhijit Gadekar
Shweta Sawant
Isha Potode
Apoorvi Sharma
Shainesh Nikam
Vibha Patel
Shivprakash Barve


Robotic systems are being developed to carry out complex activities that demand accuracy and are usually difficult for humans to operate and monitor. Two-wheeled robots use the inverted pendulum principle and are prime example of such systems with a wide range of applications in various industries, including surveillance, home security, medical, and health-care. The present paper highlights applications of these robots and the relevance of the control logic employed in developing these robots, which plays a critical role in ensuring stability and efficient operation. As technology advances, the cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and usability of these robots improve simultaneously, resulting in increased demand and market growth. The paper further highlights the prospects for two-wheeled robots, such as potential to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance their decision-making capabilities and expand their applications. Two-wheeled robots are a promising technology with significant potential for improving human life quality, and their development and applications will continue to grow in the coming years.

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Gadekar, A., Sawant, S., Potode, I., Sharma, A., Nikam, S., Patel, V., & Barve, S. (2024). Recent developments in the applications of two-wheeled robots: a review. Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 29(03), APST–29.
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