The Comparison of Mandarin Chinese Grammar Lesson of Chinese Textbooks for Thai Learners: A Case Study of“把”(Bǎ) Sentences

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Puthep Prapagorn


The objective and the extent of this study are to analyze and compare the design of grammatical contents of“把”(bǎ) sentences in two elementary Mandarin Chinese textbooks for Thai learners. Chinese Conversation of 301 Sentences textbook《汉语会话301句》 (Thai-translated version) and Chinese in Present Days textbook《当代中文》 (Thai version) were used for the analysis. The theoretical content explanations, the uses of the sentence in various situations, the sentence examples and the exercises in two textbooks were compared and analyzed based on the grammatical rules of the“把”(bǎ) sentence written in a Xiandai Hanyu(现代汉语)(Modern Chinese) textbook. The concept of Chinese grammar education(语法学)was also employed as a framework of the study. The results suggested that the two textbooks similarly designed the grammatical contents of the“把”(bǎ) sentence in terms of        the grammatical meanings and the necessity of using this type of sentence                  in communication. Both textbooks provided the adequate explanations on Chinese grammatical rules, and also effectively and correctly emphasized on grammatical meanings of the sentence. The textbooks were obviously distinct on how they translated the explanations of the sentence’s components including: verbs, objectives and verb modifiers. The textbooks were designed differently because of their differences on the objectives and the numbers of chapter, so the contents were designed to be concise and related to the numbers of chapter in each textbook. The study recommends the two textbooks to be used in Chinese classes. However, teachers may need to prepare more explanations or some necessary contents which are associated to the context and conditions of learners. This could help enhancing Thai learners’ knowledge, understanding and also reducing some mistakes as well as help them to have the better understanding on grammatical rules in using  the sentence. 


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