Determinants on Creativity of Modern Cost Management and Corporate Sustainability: An Empirical Evidence from Furniture Exporting Business in Thailand

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Suwan Wangcharoendate


This study attempts to investigate the determinants on creativity of modern cost management and corporate sustainability through mediating effect of cost utilization fitness and organizational productivity excellence.  Organizational learning culture is a moderating variable on the relationship among creativity of modern cost management and consequence variables. The key research question is how creativity of modern cost management has an influence on corporate sustainability. Questionnaire is used as an instrument for data collection. Here, 136 managing directors or accounting executive from the furniture exporting businesses in Thailand were selected as key informant. The Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression analysis is employed to examine all hypotheses. The results indicate that some dimensions of creativity of modern cost management, namely activity-based costing implementation, target cost method emphases and integration quality cost awareness has a partial significant positive effect on cost utilization fitness and organizational productivity excellence. Moreover, cost utilization fitness and organizational productivity excellence has a significant positive effect on corporate sustainability. Likewise, cost utilization fitness has a significant positive on organizational productivity excellence. Finally, the moderating shows some partial support for hypotheses derived from the conceptual model. The findings can help to clarify and understand below the creativity of modern cost management from proposing three newly-dominant. Moreover, top management and executives should be support with administration is powerful source of competitive advantage and corporate sustainability. A suggestion, researchers consider re-investigation other business to compare and gains for the greater than generalizability of next research. Besides, Future research may use to other research methodology, other manufacturing contexts or in other countries should be taken into a consideration.

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