Work Socialization and Job Retention of Senior Professional Nurses in Nakhon Pathom Province

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เรียม นมรักษ์
ธีรศักดิ์ พลพันธ์



         The purposes of this research were; 1) to study work socialization process of the senior professional nurses in the period; before, during, and stability their profession and 2) to find the causes of job retention in the nursing profession. The methodology used in the qualitative research, the semi-structured interviews and observations. Using purposive sampling are 3 the senior professional nurses that work experienced more than 25 years, in the roles as coach, nursing instructor and their continuity in the nursing profession. The research results were found as follows: 1) the work socialization process of senior professional nurses in before entering the professional stage influences exemplar, the public mind, self-sacrificing, and generosity. The contents in the job relay have both theory and practice of nursing, the significant agents were families, schools and hospital. During the period of the study, socialize contents included learning to work, work skills, skills in problem solving and adaptability to work. For the significant agents from supervisors and senior friends. In the stability period of their profession, the major socialized content is job retention and the key agent is the supervisor as being a good role model. 2) The causes of job retention in the nursing profession included; a love of the profession, support from the organization, an opportunity in career path, and knowledge transfer towards the next generations.






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