Policy Proposal Management Special Economic Zone in Sakaeo Province

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ภานุมาศ ฉัตรพิทักษ์โชค


This research aimed to A Study of the Potential for the Management of the Special Economic Zone in Sa Kaeo Province, problems, obstacles, and policy proposals for applying into Sa Kaeo Special Economic Development Zone. Research samples consisted of 2 representatives from the government agency in policy-making level, 24 representatives from local working group and 8 persons from local administration and community leader. This research is classified as a qualitative research. The tools used for data collection were structured interview forms and group focusing forms. The data were conducted by content analysis and had presented by description.   

          The results were found that the potential for the management of special economic development zones in Sa Kaeo Province have progressed respectively. With the Special Economic Development Zone Committee in Sa Kaeo Province to manage policy management into practice. Some problems are the delaysin operation Management is not clear. Border problem and the environmental problems. Some difficulty for existing industrial management systems are at an early stage, affecting investor confidence and acceptance and the acceptance of people in the area. For the key policy proposal of Special Economic Zone Management should be a systematic management plan and have systematic standardized. The appropriate integration of all sectors. For the most effective work.


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