The Design of Textile Souvenir Products of Phuwiang Souvenir and Textile Handicrafts Group, Tambon Phuwiang, Ampur Phuwiang, Khon Kaen Province

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The objectives of this research were to study the primary data and design of textile souvenir products of Phuwiang Souvenir and Textile Handicrafts Group, Tambon Phuwiang, Ampur Phuwiang, Khon Kaen Province. The satisfaction of the sample group towards the pattern of the designed souvenir products was also investigated. The sample group consisted of 60 people, consisting of manufacturers, distributors, and consumers of textile souvenir products of Phuwiang Souvenir and Textile Handicrafts Group. The research instruments included the five design experts’ satisfaction questionnaire in the sketch styles of the textile souvenir products and the sample groups’ satisfaction questionnaire of the designed textile souvenir products. The statistics for analysis were used one-way ANOVA and tested the mean difference using Duncan’s multiple range test at a confidence level of 95%. From the preliminary data of the sample group, textile souvenir products were designed in 3 styles, which were contemporary styles, simplified patterns, cool tones, and harmonious colors. The model on the textile souvenir products was intended to form a dinosaur (Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae), to indicate the identity of Ampur Phuwiang, Khon Kaen Province. The satisfaction result of the sample groups in the textile souvenir products found that the designed textile souvenir product of pillowcase had highest satisfaction score (gif.latex?{\bar{X}}=4.70), followed by the doll (gif.latex?{\bar{X}}=4.17), tissue box (gif.latex?{\bar{X}}=4.05), gift box (gif.latex?{\bar{X}}=3.68) and picture frame (gif.latex?{\bar{X}}=3.42), respectively.


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