The Creation of Volleyball Skills Training Aid of Youth Network in Sisaket Province

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Dumrongrit Chantra


The research objectives of “The Creation of Volleyball Skills Training Aid of Youth Network in Sisaket Province” were 1) to create a training aid volleyball setting skills. 2) to determine the effectiveness of the skill training aid setting of volleyball. 3) to study the satisfaction of volleyball setting skill training aids. The research tools were skills Training Assessment from the experts an analysis of the test scores of the sample group 2 related groups and satisfaction assessment of trainers and athletes taken to find the mean, percentage, and standard deviation. The sample group studied in this research s an athlete at the youth level A total of 10 people. by specific selection the results showed that 1) the results of evaluating the quality of training equipment of volleyball experts found to be at a high level. 2) The results of the hypothesis testing of the two groups of samples were related to each other. When testing the mean difference, it was found that the group trained by the device had a higher average statistically significant at the .05 level 3) Satisfaction results of coaches and athletes found to be at the highest level. In conclusion, volleyball training equipment can be used for training to develop athletes to excellence and can develop to improve the ability of volleyball players better.


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