Design and development with weaving techniques for women group of leather bag in tambon Ban-hhae, Ang-tong province

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Inthira Boonprot


            This research designed and developed the leather bags with weaving techniques for the women group of leather bag in Tambon Ban-Hae, Ang-tong Province. The objectives were:   1) to study weaving patterns for designing leather bag 2) to design and develop leather bag with weaving techniques and 3) to assess the consumers’ satisfaction on leather bag appearance and weaving techniques. The sample were three weaving technique experts, three leather bag designers, nine traders and a hundred consumers. The researcher studied the weaving patterns from textbooks to design graphic line patterns for experiment with patterns (design applied patterns from traditional weaving techniques), then wove nine district patterns with real leather by choosing trend color in year 2018 and gave to the experts to consider. For the shape, the researcher studied trend of handbags for ladies in 2018 from the internet and relevant research papers and divided into three sizes: large, medium and small according to the users’ behavior, then gave to the traders group to evaluate and gave conclusion and also gave to the consumers to evaluate the satisfaction on women’s handbag characteristic. The research evaluated the beauty and function. The results of the patterns for bag’s design were : large and medium size bag, the 2nd applied pattern were very suitable in average of 3.68 and 3.71 as follow, and small size bag, the 3rd applied pattern was very suitable in average of 4.23. The results of bag shape from the questionnaires were: 1) the large size Tote bag was very suitable in average 3.81, 2) the medium size Doctor’s bag was suitable in average of 3.77 and the small size Clutch bag was suitable in average of 3.96. The result of consumers’ satisfaction was the small size Clutch bag used the 3rd applied weaving technique was most satisfied in average of 4.06, the medium size Doctor bag used 2nd applied weaving technique was satisfied in average of 3.58 and the large size Tote bag used 3rd applied weaving technique was less satisfied in average of 3.10.


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