The Development of The Distribution Channels for Samutprakarn Pla Salid (Snakeskin Guarami) Products Toward Chinese Group Individual Travelers Market


  • Sumet Lurdjariyaporn marketing
  • Pattita Lurdjariyaporn
  • Sakchai Aroonratsameruang
  • Suchart Watakanont
  • Utterpol Thumpaiboon


G.I.T.; Group Individual Travelers, Pla Salid (Snakeskin Guarami), Souvenirs


The purposes of research project are to study Chinese Group Individual Travelers’ traveling personal data, behavior, expenditure, want for Pla Salid (Snakeskin Guarami) Samutprakan, efficient marketing mix strategies and potential market channels to influence Chinese Group Individual Travelers’ want and buying decision. The exploratory research is performed through Chinese in-depth interview to 15 Chinese Travelers and 3 Chinese tour guides by systematic random sampling, and followed with the descriptive research through Chinese questionnaire from 390 samples in the randomed hotels and tourist roster. The method of frequency, mean, standard deviation, percentage, t-test and chi-square are used to analyse the results which come out as group of Chinese tourists are mostly female, aged 25-74 years with monthly income between 20,000-50,000 baht. The products should create with the appearance of Thai culture souvenir with taste of crisp but not glossy, lower salty and spicy, in Thai culture style described in English or Chinese words, clear round vacuum plastic box, suitable for traveling luggage. Pricing can add up 30-50% higher through entertainment venues, Railway Market, Chinese tourist hotels, King power’s duty free and tourism restaurants by samples for free trial, buy 1 get 1 free, advertising in airport and King power’s duty free.  


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