The Study of the Relationship between Passion, Transformational Leadership and Innovative Behavior: A Case Study of Human Resources Employees of a Financial institution

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Weerada Vethisakul
Wasita Boonsathorn


The purpose of this independent study is to study 1) the relationship between passion and innovative behavior, and 2) the relationship between transformational leadership and innovative behavior. The population used in the research was 294 human resources employees with 182 responses. The instrument used is a questionnaire about passion with reliability at 0.949, a questionnaire about transformational leadership with reliability at 0.961 and a questionnaire about innovative behavior with reliability at 0.965. Statistics used in data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient. The results showed that 1) passion is positively related to innovative behavior in a medium level, and 2) transformational leadership is positively related to innovative behavior in a low level.


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