Development of Key Performance Indicators for Performance Achievement of Department of Special Investigation

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Watcharat Chalermsooksant
Krit Jarinto


This study is a mixed methods research aimed at developing key performance indicators (KPI) for performance achievement of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI). The KPIs focus on the performance to prevent, suppress, and control crimes that have a serious impact on the economy, society, security, international relations, and provide justice to the people. The research question examined the type of KPIs for performance achievement of the DSI. To synthesize key issues in determining key performance indicators, literature review was conducted. Based on the synthesis, seven areas of key issues emerged, i.e., an operating system, work outcomes, coordination/ collaboration with relevant agencies, focus on service recipients and interested parties, corporate leadership, good governance, and human  resources. These key issues were then used as a question list in in-depth interviews with 17 key resource persons using Delphi Technique. The in-depth interviews generated 24 KPIs in total. Also, a questionnaire survey was conducted on 400 samples (including those from relevant state agencies, the press, community networks, and DSI officers) who indicated a high level ( = 3.54-4.20) with 20 KPIs, and a moderate level ( = 3.06-3.29) with 4 KPIs.


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