Organization Structure Format, Human Resource Management, Technology and Management that Enables Selling Products of Pracharat Schools

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Atchima Supachariyawat
Surat Supitchayangul
Taksaya Sangayotin


     This research had the objectives to 1) specify organizational structure, 2) specify human resource management, 3) specify technology format used, and 4) specify management format used in Pracharat schools which enabled selling of school products. This qualitative research was conducted using Delphi technique from four key informants groups, the tools used were open-ended questionnaires and a 5-level rating scale questionnaire. The statistics used were median and interquartile range (IQR) and the finding was confirmed by using focus group.  

      From the research, it was found that the format of organization structure, human resource management, technology and management that would enable selling of Pracharat school products were as follows. The organizational structure of a Pracharat school was a combination between functional organization and staff organization structures where a school director, as the organization’s chief executive, selected teachers to become a manager of each section from their volunteering, expertise in the products, and basic business knowledge. The section manager teachers would then select and assign participating students into their section. Compensation for working team was distributed from the sales of the products. The operation management included implementing the working system and know-hows passing from generation to generation. The schools also organized knowledge sharing workshops from instructors with experiences and expertise in particular area together with on-the-job training programs. The technologies used in production process were categorized following five OTOP products. Most are not complex with a focus on safety. Product branding and design involved programs including Microsoft Words, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop. Customer database collecting and searching were conducted by using Microsoft Excel. Online information registration was also added using iCloud and Google Form. Regarding product advertisement and Customer Relationship Management, the school’s Facebook Fanpage, parent and school networking Line groups were created. The advertising strategy also includes printed brochure and local radio ad. The material sourcing management starts from growing or making important materials required for the products in the schools before extending to source from within the community. The schools also connected with other Pracharat schools in the network for materials exchange. Regarding production and manpower planning, students from all school years could apply to join with compensation as an incentive. For any big volume order, the schools would coordinate with the community to assist in the production line. Regarding marketing and sales planning, the schools looked for many sales channels as well as seeking for collaborations with other organizations. These included increasing sales channels using online social media and organizing events together with Pracharat schools network in other regions. The schools has conducted home accounting and product list (for accounting and inventory) records.


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