The Guidelines for Human Resource Development of the Revenue Department Consistent with National Development towards Thailand 4.0

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Rungnapha Saruang
Taksaya Sangayothin


          The objective is of research were as following: 1) to find the current characteristics, the goals of personnel development and the level of personnel development gap, and 2) to find the guidelines for human resource development of the Revenue Department consistent with national development towards Thailand 4.0. This study used a mixed methodology research: in-depth interview to find out the features, attribute characteristics and the target features; and a questionnaire was used in the quantitative research to survey the current features of personnel of the Revenue Department and their expected qualification. Finally, in consistent with the results generated form focus group interview, the research found that human resource developments is in line with national development towards Thailand 4.0, and that included the development of skills, knowledge, capabilities, social responsibility, identity and digital technology. The survey found the highest level of priority needs index (PNI) in social responsibility, while knowledge, identities, skills, capability and digital technology have the lowest PNI value. The results of the focus group interview were consistent with human resources development of the Revenue Department guidelines. The approach should consider prioritizing the critical or urgent work in the context of the area, and may also design personnel development by creating a framework for the development of skills, knowledge, and capabilities at the same time. The application of human resource development tools should be designed to be appropriate for the personnel development of the Revenue Department.


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