Development of Community’s Food Products for Thai Beng Clan of Khok Salung Subdistrict, Phatthana Nikhom District, LopBuri Province

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Sirilada Srikok


The aims of this research are to (1) explore problems and requirements for developing of food products of the community, (2) develop the product recipe and the production process with the community cooperation, and (3) investigate the satisfaction with the developed products.  The key respondents for exploring the problems and the requirements included 20 Thai Beng clan villagers of Khon Salung Subdistrict, while those for developing the product recipe and the production process included 20 people who were community leaders and Thai Beng clan villagers of Khon Salung Subdistrict, along with 30 panelists who were familiar with the Thai-Beng foods. The sample for exploring the satisfaction for the developed products included 100 panelists, along with a community leader and 20 Thai Beng clan villagers of Khon Salung Subdistrict. Tools used for the survey were a questionnaire for the discussion with the community. The sensory evaluation of the food products was performed using a 9-point hedonic scale and the assessment satisfaction. Means and standard deviation of the results were reported. It was found that the food product of the Thai-Beng called Kleung-Dam was a high moisture chili paste which had a short shelf life. After the survey, it was found that the Thai-Beng people required the researcher to develop two products, Lum-Tub and Larb seasoning powder, by using participatory action research (PAR) between the researchers and the Thai-Beng people. The developed products received the liking scores in the range of like very much and extremely like. The satisfaction with the developed food products as evaluated by both the Thai-Beng and consumers were in the very satisfied level.


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