Impact of Service Quality and Perceived Price of Automobile After-Sales Service toward Automobile Brand Satisfaction, Recommendation and Repurchase Intention

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Nuttapol Assarut
Atiwat Rattanapan


This research aims to study the impacts of service quality and price perception of automobile service centers on satisfaction, word of mouth, and re-purchase intention of automobile brands. The 400 respondents were the consumers of service centers operated by automobile brands. Questionnaire survey was used as the data collection method that consisted of questions related to service quality, price perception, satisfaction, word of mouth, and repurchase intention of automobile brands. The results from multiple regression analysis showed that service quality and price perception of service centers positively affected satisfaction, word of mouth, and re-purchase intention of automobile brands. The effects varied depending on respondents’ gender and age.  For example, males pay attention to price & benefit and customer relationship factors, while females pay more attention to tangibility of service and customer relationships. The factors that influence 26 years old group are price & benefit and tangibility of the service, 26-35 years old group are customer relationship and tangibility of the service, 36-45 years old group is tangibility of the service, and the age group over 45 years old is customer relationship with the customers, respectively.


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Atiwat Rattanapan, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University

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