Analysis and Value Evaluation of Narathiwat Old Town Elements for Old Town Boundary Identification

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The research of old town boundary identification of Narathiwas aimed to identify the old town boundary by studying the elements of old town and analyzing its potential to generate the draft of old town boundary identification. Thereafter, the draft of the boundary was brought into the public hearing. The study of Narathiwas old town elements and the value assessment of natural and cultural heritage presented the following old town elements; (i.) 3 sites of natural heritage (ii.) 14 sites of cultural heritage, consisting of 1 Buddhist monastery, 1 Chinese shrine, 4 mosques, 5 sites in the group of the monument, landmark, public park and outstanding public buildings and 15 sites of architectural heritage. These old town elements were assessed in terms of the site potential, which presented 4 sites of high potential, 10 sites of middle potential and 3 sites of low potential. Following this study, Narathiwas old town boundary occupies 0.47 square kilometers; meanwhile, the buffer zone occupies 4.32 square kilometers. To reach the conservation and development of this old town sustainably, five guidelines – land use control, building and environment measurement, traffic and transportation plan, landscape design and development and administration and management tool- were proposed.

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