Political Communication and Conflict Discourse in Thai Online Social Networking

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Usa Silraungwilai
Raymie McKerrow


The purpose of this study is to explore the extent of online political discussion as appearing in the Ratchadhamnern café in pantip website during the Thai political crisis period in the year 2010. The data analyzed by using content analysis method indicates that the politician theme, the color-based protest movements in Thailand theme, the impact theme, the rights theme and the political impact-behavior theme, the policy output (commitment) theme, the justice theme, the political actors warning signal theme, the good governance theme, the confrontation conflict management style theme, the political communication in public sphere theme and the political conflict theme, the political elites theme, the facts theme, the practical judgment theme, and the action of voting theme, are the specific topics which bloggers posted the most during the Thai political crisis period in the year 2010. Additionally, involvement in political communication among the bloggers is about sharing conflicting ideas regarding political developments. Based on Social Exchange Theory, political communication and conflict discourse in Thai online social networking can build blogger satisfaction by providing the means to increase interaction and personalized messages between political actors--such as government, politicians, political supporters, protesters--and the Thai people in search for democracy that suited for Thai context.


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