The Influence of Advertising Themes Regarding Animal Products on Consumer Attitudes

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ภาณุฤทธิ์ สารสมบัติ
ก่อพงษ์ พลโยราช


This research studied the influence of advertising themes regarding animal products on consumer attitudes. The data were collected using the questionnaires from 400 respondents selected conveniently in Khon Kaen municipal area. The results revealed that each advertising theme led to different levels of consumers’ attitudes, with the health theme being ranked the highest, followed by taste, local and friendship themes respectively. The taste theme elicited favorable advertising attitude at a high level from the overall respondents. However, the respondents with different income levels showed no significantly different favorable attitude toward this theme. Concerning the friendship and local themes, the overall respondents had favorable attitude at the average level. Moreover, those with lower income tended to have more favorable advertising attitude toward these two themes.


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