Announcement of Article Processing Fee

Announcement of Article Processing Fee for Publication in BU Academic Review

  1. The processing fee of one article amounts to 3,000 Baht, to be paid after the said article has passed the editorial board’s preliminary checks on content format and quality.  The author will be notified about fee payment before his/her article is sent for readers’ evaluation.

  2. The author paying the article processing fee is not automatically granted the right for publication his/her article in BU Academic Review.  In other words, his/her article will be considered for publication only after securing the approvals of readers, the editor, and the editorial boards.  The said fee is non-refundable.

Method of Article Processing Fee Payment

The author shall transfer the article processing fee to BU Academic Review only via the bank account stated below, and notify the journal about his/her payment by attaching the transfer slip to the review discussion box of Thaijo system, or to the journal e-mail (e-mail:  The author’s article will be sent to the readers only after the journal receives the notification of fee payment.