The Added Values of Ceramic Brand by Developing Packaging Formats for Competitive Opportunities of Small Enterprises in Wares, Decorations, and Souvenirs Lampang

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This study aims for the design and development of packaging for ceramic products such as decoration, souvenirs as well as to create a value added for ceramic products to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. The research applied qualitative research by using an interview method as a tool to collect the data from the ceramic factory. In addition, the research created a various prototype of package for each Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. Then, the receiving data was analyzed through subgroup meetings to finalize on the selected package that suitable for each Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. As consequences, the analysis show that most entrepreneurs give an priority to the business identity, by using the company name as the brand name which clearly tell the story direct to the target. The packaging design will go together with ceramic product and customer behavior.


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