The Impact of Global Reporting Initiative Quality on the Firm Value: Evidence from Thai Listed Firms

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Mishkat Ullah
Prawat Benyasrisawat


The subject of corporate sustainability reporting has seen fast development in the recent years as more firms are putting a prominent accentuation on getting sustainable. However, the genuine effect of sustainability reporting on firm value has been generally discussed, regularly because of the idea of the subjective information in sustainability reports. This research uses the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines data as a scoring system to evaluate the quality of sustainability reporting and aims to find the impact of Global Reporting Initiative quality on firm value for Thai listed firms and investigates the difference of firm value between Global Reporting Initiative adapted firms and to those who do not publish sustainability report. In order to analyze the result, 127 organizations are taken who published sustainability reporting based on Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and 87 organizations who do not publish their sustainability report from a period of 2016 to 2019. Logistic regression analysis was run to determine the impact on firm value and results show that the firm value of Global Reporting Initiative adapted firms are better than those who do not publish their sustainability report.  Multiple regression analysis was also run to determine the relationship between Global Reporting Initiative quality and the firm value and the result suggests that there is a positive relationship between Global Reporting Initiative quality and firm value.


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