Factors for Decision Promoting Longan Farmers which Certified the Agricultural Standards in Lamphun Province by AHP

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Sirasit Chaimuangkhiao
Ke Nunthasen
Waraporn Nunthasen
Nirote Sinnarong


This research article has aimed to create the suitable model for agricultural standard certification. Promoting for longan farmers in district of, Pa Sang, Wiang Nong Long, Ban Hong, Li, Ban Thi, Mueang, Mae, Tha and Thung Hua Chang, Lamphun Province, Thailand. The multi-criteria decision-making process method has been used in this study. The important criteria considerations are economic, social, environmental, and health conditions of longan farmers. The sample group was leaders of each group of farmers and experts with experience in longan cultivation in area of Lamphun province. This research has proposed sampling of 16 propose sampling. Then using the collected data to compare and compare with the data obtained from related research. To create the model to compare the main factors and secondary factors. The results of the weight analysis of the main factors showed that 1) The most important main factor is economic. 2) The most important secondary factor are market and cost of illness. 3) The Consistency Ratio of main and 2nd  factor was less than 0.1 , the result indicate that there was a high consistency


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